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eParinam Recycling Services

eParinam Private Limited as a licensed eWaste Company, will collect/purchase eWaste directly from customers and other registered vendors, and classify them based on the type of eWaste. We Refurbish old Computers, certify them and sell/donate them and the rest of the eWaste are dismantled and processed in our recycling plant to separate plastic, glass, and metals which are sold as raw materials to companies who use them as Raw Materials

Our Services are as listed below but not limited to 

  • Collection of eWaste 

  • Recycling of eWaste 

  • Refurbishing Laptop's & Desktop’s

  • Dismantling of eWaste

  • Onsite Degaussing, Shredding, Scraping of Hard Drives 

  • 100% Data Destruction with certification

Recycling Bin

eWaste Recycling

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IT Asset Disposition

Image by Hugo Clément


Office Workspace

Onsite Data Destruction

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